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Thinking About Veiling at Mass? Brochure

This free brochure explains why women are once again veiling at Mass. Download them here to pass out to friends, family and at your parish.

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“Woman, because she was created by being drawn from man’s side, is constantly trying to return to him. She desires the original unity of one flesh and one bone. The desire for unity between man and woman is a mirror of the relationship between Christ and the soul. As woman longs for union with man in human relationships, she is also drawn to unity with God. He calls her to become one with Him: to come under His side and become flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone. This occurs during reception of the Eucharist. The covering of the head with a veil symbolizes the reality of woman sheltered in the side of her Source and becoming one with Him. She becomes covered and hidden in her Divine Spouse.”

~ St. John Chrysostom, Father and Doctor of the Church

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All of our handcrafted mantillas and rosaries have moved to our Etsy store. We also offer vintage mantillas, headbands and digital PDF pattern downloads. Come take a look!

​Vintage mantillas ~ Hand crafted mantillas ~ Hand made rosaries and chaplets ~ Crocheted and lace headbands

Thinking About Veiling at Mass? Pamphlet

This free pamphlet explains why women are once again veiling at Mass. Download them here to pass out to friends, family and at your parish.

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Thinking About Veiling at Mass?

You're not alone!

Two thousand years in reverence to the Blessed Sacrament.

O Maria, sine labe concepta, ora pro nobis qui confugimos ad te
O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee
O María, sin pecado concebida, orad por nosotros que recurrimos a vos
Ô Marie, conçue sans péché, priez pour nous qui avons recours à vous 
O Maria, concepita senza peccato, prega per noi che ricorriamo a te

Authentic Spanish and French Mantilla Veils
Many European countries had significant lace making cities up until the 1960's, when chapel veil use declined.
As business slowed, many of the lace veil factories were forced to close, and some even sold their lace machines to China.  Recently, there has been an increase in Chinese "Spanish", "Replica", or "Latin" mantilla veils in the market.
While Chinese prices are sometimes lower, questionable labor practices make it impossible for us to support Chinese manufacturers.
Silver Hill Treasures has worked hard to locate lace makers in both Spain and France. Our lace makers are hard-working Catholics with attention to detail and quality. We are the original importers of these veils, directly from our lace makers in Spain and France. Don't be fooled by lower-quality Chinese imports labeled as "Spanish" or "French" mantilla veils.

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